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Want Wunder-ful Brows?


I think many of us have come across this exciting product via social media or from beauty gurus all around the world and thought to ourselves, ‘Wow, I need this!’.

I became so curious and had to try it out for myself!


WunderBrow: Brow gel

It comes in 5 different shades:

  • Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Brunette
  • Black/Brown
  • Jet Black

I have really dark hair so opted to go with the darkest colour available (Jet Black).

The consistency of the gel is quite thin in comparison to most eyebrow gels and when using the lighter shades, it loses a lot of the colour and coverage. My advise if you’re using the lighter shades is to apply the product to the brow and then add another layer once the first layer has dried.

What is great about the product is that a little really does go a long way! You would ideally apply the product with an angled eyebrow brush by picking up some product from the wand that forms part of the packaging.


“Perfect even the most disobedient of brows with our one-step, long-wear eyebrow gel, WUNDERBROW from WUNDER2! Define, fill and thicken for a more natural brow look that is completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts up to 3 days. Easily brush on the natural looking gel, infused with ‘hair-like’ fibers to fill and sculpt.”

Does it last?

“Our PermaFix Gel Technology locks colour & tiny hair fibers to the skin, giving you thicker and more defined brows for up to 3 days”

The brow gel claims to be waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof! I of course could not resist putting it to the test! It definitely followed through, however, you have to ensure that the product is completely dry. As long as you aren’t using any oil based skincare products/ face washes, it can certainly last for up to 3 days.

image2 (2)

How do you remove it?

On the Wunder2 site, they advise that you purchase their WunderCleanse Eyebrow Gel Remover, I did not as I did not find it necessary but that is of course one way of removing it. I simply used some olive oil on a cottonwool bud and it came off reasonably easy.

If you end up trying it, please let me know how it has worked for you in the comment section below ->

Logo-Wunderbrow (1)

Leaping Bunny

Interested in the brand? Visit: http://www.wunderbrow-za.com/w/tour/ OR http://www.wunder2.com/

Photographed by: Stacy-Robin

Quintessentially Yours

What is Quintessentially Yours?

Quintessentially Yours‘ is the exclusive stockists of Oribe Hair Products and Smith and Cult Beauty Products in South Africa.


High Tea with a side of lip gloss & nail lacquer?

I attended a media launch with my boss lady, Liezel van der Westhuizen, in May which took place in the form of a high tea. Beauty & Hair products were beautifully laid out in the center of the table where we were all seated. The products were however not laid out in vain, we were able to play around with each product and because of the very interactive atmosphere which was created, we were able to ask questions and really familiarize ourselves with not only each product but also with the brands.


Smith & Cult

Smith and Cult was created by a legend, Dineh Mohajer, who is also responsible for revolutionizing the colour cosmetics industry when she launched Hard Candy in 1995.

“Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we’ve been, are and aspire to become…”

Smith and Cult’s product range covers the following:

  • Nails
  • Eyes
  • Lips

When being introduced to the brand for the first time my first thoughts were that not only was the packaging delightful, but that the product that was visible through the packaging was also so striking, thanks to the bold and vibrant hues of the product itself.

I was absolutely obsessed with all the unique and quirky names of each shade in their nail lacquer colour range!

Here’s a list of some of the shades:

  • Bitter Buddhist
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Kundalini Hustle
  • Psycho Candy
  • Doe my dear
  • Pillow Pie

Smith and Cult’s nail range for me was definitely what stood out.

“Smith & Cult’s Nailed Lacquer consistently delivers both flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine. While custom tailored to provide high performance, the exclusive 8-Free formula is formulated without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide or Triphenyl Phosphate…”


Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe along-side Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger. They believe that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling. I completely agree with them! One’s hair is one’s shining glory and I believe that if your hair looks and feels great, you feel great!


“Oribe Hair Care’s award-winning packaging was designed to make the experience of using the products as beautiful as the formulas themselves. Every detail was carefully crafted and nuanced, from the shape of each bottle to the eco-friendly boxes sourced from well-managed forests and printed with vegetable inks. The architectural facets and striking jewel tones perfectly blend old-world heritage with modern elegance…”


Overall, I am really excited about these products and it’s success in South Africa. I am loving my new lip gloss by Smith and Cult and hope to add more of these exciting products to my private stash really soon!



Click on the link below to view products & start shopping!



Quintessentially Yours: @quintessentially_yours_sa

Smith and Cult: @smithandcult

Oribe: @oribe

Liezel van der Westhuizen: @liezelonline

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