Upside-down Inside-out

I was in complete awe on receiving a message from Tracy-Lee Rosslind via Instagram a couple of months ago as I truly admire her so much. I previously told myself “One day I will work with her!” but little did I know that that “One day” was fast approaching…

I love attending events within the industry such as fashion shows and collection launches, events that Tracy would often attend as well. At each event I would wander around the venue keeping a close lookout for her with my phone ready in hand. Why you might ask, “to take a selfie?” No, although those who know me well would know that the thought had definitely crossed my mind [laughs]… On my phone I had an image of an illustration that I had done of her which I wanted to show her since previous attempts via social media was unsuccessful. Sadly our paths never crossed despite being at the same place at the same time until I found myself staring at a message from hers truly Tracy-Lee Rosslind.

“Hi Stacy, my name is Tracy-Lee Rosslind. I am a stylist and TV presenter and I discovered one of your pieces online last night and fell in love.”

[attached photo of my design]

“I was hoping I could source this for Johannesburg Fashion Week…”

As you can imagine, I was absolutely ecstatic! I put together 2 looks for her, one being my leather 2-piece ensemble as requested by her and another look that I packed in as an extra. Both were ready for collection the next morning by Tracy herself.


She headed off to Johannesburg and my looks ended up being a success! I was keeping a close eye on her social media as I was eager to see what she looked like and how she had styled it.

She ended up wearing not only the leather ensemble but also the bodysuit which I packed in as a backup. It was a black silk corseted bodysuit with crochet bottoms and detailing. As expected from a true Stylist such as Tracy, she as always put her own spin on it and decided to wear my design inside out! The lining of my bodysuit was a bright floral print that only Tracy could pull off!



I feel so blessed knowing that Tracy, someone whom I admire, wore not 1 but 2 of my looks!

What ever happened to that illustration I had done of her you might ask? I sent it to her and it was up on her Instagram the next morning!

Illustration of Tracy-Lee Rosslind by Stacy-Robin

Something extra:

What Tracy doesn’t know is that we had met about 3-4 years prior at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town (MBFWCT). I was so young and naïve and not very clued up with our local fashion industry at the time. Between shows I spotted Jimmy Nevis and went up to him and his girlfriend. We had a good old chat and everything was going great until my younger self nudged Jimmy and asked him “aren’t you going to introduce me to your lovely girlfriend?” “She’s my Stylist” he responded.

To Tracy, I am so sorry for thinking you were Jimmy’s girlfriend. I certainly know better now and I am very much clued up on our local fashion industry. Thank you so much for believing in me. I always look forward to working with you, not because of who you are to other people but because of who you are to me.


Tracy-Lee Rosslind: @mstracyleerosslind

Styled photo’s captured by Layla Shaik: @laylashaikphotography

Designer: Stacy-Robin: @stacy_robin

Makeup: Rimmel London: @rimmellondonsa