Upside-down Inside-out

I was in complete awe on receiving a message from Tracy-Lee Rosslind via Instagram a couple of months ago as I truly admire her so much. I previously told myself “One day I will work with her!” but little did I know that that “One day” was fast approaching…

I love attending events within the industry such as fashion shows and collection launches, events that Tracy would often attend as well. At each event I would wander around the venue keeping a close lookout for her with my phone ready in hand. Why you might ask, “to take a selfie?” No, although those who know me well would know that the thought had definitely crossed my mind [laughs]… On my phone I had an image of an illustration that I had done of her which I wanted to show her since previous attempts via social media was unsuccessful. Sadly our paths never crossed despite being at the same place at the same time until I found myself staring at a message from hers truly Tracy-Lee Rosslind.

“Hi Stacy, my name is Tracy-Lee Rosslind. I am a stylist and TV presenter and I discovered one of your pieces online last night and fell in love.”

[attached photo of my design]

“I was hoping I could source this for Johannesburg Fashion Week…”

As you can imagine, I was absolutely ecstatic! I put together 2 looks for her, one being my leather 2-piece ensemble as requested by her and another look that I packed in as an extra. Both were ready for collection the next morning by Tracy herself.


She headed off to Johannesburg and my looks ended up being a success! I was keeping a close eye on her social media as I was eager to see what she looked like and how she had styled it.

She ended up wearing not only the leather ensemble but also the bodysuit which I packed in as a backup. It was a black silk corseted bodysuit with crochet bottoms and detailing. As expected from a true Stylist such as Tracy, she as always put her own spin on it and decided to wear my design inside out! The lining of my bodysuit was a bright floral print that only Tracy could pull off!



I feel so blessed knowing that Tracy, someone whom I admire, wore not 1 but 2 of my looks!

What ever happened to that illustration I had done of her you might ask? I sent it to her and it was up on her Instagram the next morning!

Illustration of Tracy-Lee Rosslind by Stacy-Robin

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